Young Adults

When do we become adults? Does it magically happen at 18, or 21, or the day we graduate high school or college? If only it were that easy.

Just because you aren’t a child anymore doesn’t mean you have all the answers. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be confusing.

Young Adult Life Coaching is a place to sort through challenges, identify values and obstacles, then create a plan of action for you to move into your future.

Free Consultation & Assessment

Young Adult Life Coaching is beneficial if you are:Young Adult Life Coaching

– Finishing college, but unsure of what is next

– Struggling with motivation

– Finding it hard to set goals and follow through

– Considering a gap year

– Feeling high levels of stress

– Unhappy with academic performance

– Wanting to have better communication skills

– In need of a mentor to speak with about your concerns

– In need of career guidance as college ends

– Looking for help in raising your level of self-esteem

More than simply being a life coach, Alan is an advisor and friend who takes genuine pride in helping people, and bearing witness to their success. When I first met with him, I was nineteen, and not looking for someone to simply help me take a test or pass a class.

I needed to work on my ability to run my own life, get myself back into college, and keep myself organized and motivated.

Alan helped me consider how my lifestyle, and attitude toward my education, affected my ability to stay focused and get my schoolwork done. He pushed me to examine my goals and learn how to make executive decisions throughout each day to further those goals. I am now a much greater master of my destiny…and no great master is without his trusted advisor.

     – Kevin Lynch ( college Junior)