Who Is Alan

Who Is Alan

I have been Coaching Teens and Young Adults for fifteen years. Although each of them is unique, a common thread is their desire to improve and grow in some substantial way.

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I support them as they explore their core values, find inspiration that leads to change, and ultimately transform their life.

My path to teen and young adult life coaching wasn’t a straight line, as is so often the case. After studying English in college, I did some traveling and then worked a few jobs that didn’t resonate with me in the way I needed. 


I ultimately found myself applying for a position I had absolutely no qualifications for, counseling inner city teens in a therapeutic program. That decision would change my life, and start a life-long journey.

Working with those teens taught me about the human spirit, courage, compassion, and the desire for change.

I moved on to pursue some creative ventures, even writing a screenplay that was a winner in a national competition, and having many “near misses” in the movie making world. It was an exciting time, but I found myself missing working with kids. 

Ultimately, my desire to help people grow and challenge themselves led to my founding Evolve Tutoring.

Although that work had an academic focus, I realized that the young people I worked with needed support with self-esteem, stress management, goal setting, and relationship issues much more than Algebra.

Along the way, I soaked up all the information I could, reading books and attending seminars on personal growth, Mindfulness, NLP, Positive Psychology, and what holds people back from the life they say they want. 

I am also:

  • A Graduate of World Coach Institute, credentialed as:

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Certified Group Coach (CGC)

Certified Laser Coach (CLAC)

Certified in the study of Mindfulness

  • A Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Founder/Director of Evolve Tutoring

  • Featured in the Boston Globe on the pressure that students and parents face during the college application process.

Away from Coaching, I’m an avid learner, always trying to expand my knowledge base, and pushing myself to remain open to new challenges and experiences.  

Reading, writing, biking, following the local arts and sports scenes, and being with good friends and family are just some of the things that fill me up.

Mostly though, you can find me spending time with my incredible wife, who is a Yoga Teacher and studio owner, and our ever changing 4 year old son, who keeps us both on our toes!

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