Life Coaching

Life Coaching

The young people I work with are looking for change, growth, and inspiration, but don’t have the tools yet to achieve those things.

Many of them:

– Want to feel inspired.

– Keep doing the same things, but hoping for different results. 

– Experience a general sense of feeling stuck.

– Need tools to manage stress.

– Desire change, but are unsure how to create it.

– Need to create a healthier work/school/life balance.

– Procrastinate in a way that negatively impacts them.

Want to feel better about school, a job, or a relationship.

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 Here are some examples of results that are achieved:Areyouhappy_a2_web_1024-600x848

– Acquiring useful tools to achieve goals.

– Identifying core values

 – Learning how to manage stress.

– Stopping procrastination.

– Feeling less stuck, personally and academically.

– Developing a balance between school and life.

– Establishing better communication with loved ones.

– Making lasting and meaningful changes.

– Becoming and remaining accountable to yourself.

– Feeling energized in a way you haven’t in a long time.

– Being supported in a way that motivates and inspires.