Life Coaching

Life Coaching

The young people I work with are looking for change, growth, and inspiration, but don’t have the tools yet to achieve those things.Change is now, handwriting with chalk on blackboard

Coaching is for

Teens who are struggling with school, stress, self esteem, and motivation.

Young Adults who are thinking about a gap year, having difficulty deciding on a major, or simply wondering what is next. 

Parents who are struggling to communicate with their kids, stressed about grades, college admissions, teen behavior and limit testing, or where their kids are heading.

Free Consultation & Assessment

Do You:  

– Desire change, but are unsure how to create it?

– Keep doing the same things, but hoping for different results? 

– Experience a general sense of feeling stuck?

– Need tools to manage stress?

– Want to feel inspired?

– Need to create a healthier work/school/life balance?

– Procrastinate?

Want to feel better about school, a job, or a relationship?

If you are tired of feeling stuck, want to be more fulfilled, and are finding it challenging to accomplish that on your own, we should talk.

 Here are some examples of results that are achieved:Areyouhappy_a2_web_1024-600x848

– Acquiring useful tools to achieve your goals.

 – Learning how to manage stress.

– Stopping procrastination.

– Feeling less stuck, personally and academically.

– Developing a balance between school and life.

– Establishing better communication with loved ones.

– Connecting to your core values.

– Making lasting and meaningful changes.

– Becoming and remaining accountable to yourself.

– Feeling energized in a way you haven’t in a long time.

– Being supported in a way that motivates and inspires.