I have been fortunate to have coached many amazing and inspirational people. My heartfelt gratitude for what some of them have shared below.

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As soon as I met Alan, I clicked with him, and his coaching helped transform me into a successful student, and more motivated person. It surprised me that he didn’t use a textbook, brute force, approach to get me to change. Instead, he created an environment that was sensitive to my specific circumstances, history, and personality, which led to my becoming internally motivated to do my work.

My coaching experience with Alan was among the most formative in my life, and I attribute much of my current success in college to lessons learned with him.

I consider Alan a mentor, a friend, a role model, and an inspiration to succeed in life, both academically and as a human being. I would proudly recommend Alan as a coach to anyone without a moments’ hesitation, and to this day I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what his coaching did for me.

– Noah Benjamin (college Freshman)

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It is extremely rare to come across someone who isn’t patronizing and doesn’t treat me like a lesser person because I’m a teenager.

Alan’s unbiased views and support have helped me be open and vulnerable in the life coach setting, which allows me to actually make progress.

He takes my thoughts, feelings, and issues seriously, unlike many other adults. I’ve changed so much in the past year, and I am proud of the person I’ve become with Alan’s guidance and support.

– Katie S. (high school Junior)

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More than simply being a life coach, Alan is an advisor and friend who takes genuine pride in helping people, and bearing witness to their success. When I first met with him, I was nineteen, and not looking for someone to simply help me take a test or pass a class.

I needed to work on my ability to run my own life, get myself back into college, and keep myself organized and motivated.

Alan took the time to get to know me personally, and he gave me advice based on his extensive experience as a coach as well as his experience as a student and a citizen. He helped me consider how my lifestyle and attitude toward my education affected my ability to stay focused and get my schoolwork done. He pushed me to examine my goals and learn how to make executive decisions throughout each day to further those goals. I am now a much greater master of my destiny…and no great master is without his trusted advisor.

     – Kevin Lynch (college Junior)

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 When we first brought Alan on board, it was to work with our son, who was considering a gap year, and was adrift in uncertainty. We thought it would be helpful for him to have some outside guidance to help him through the process, and also to help him feel better about who and where he was. And while our son certainly benefited from the coaching, what it really turned into was coaching for us as parents.

Alan helped us see that our expectations were stressing our son out, and that some of the ways that we were communicating just were not that effective.

We were operating under some assumptions that didn’t take into account that he wasn’t a child anymore, and we needed to change our ideas and approach. I would like to think that we would have done this on our own eventually, but Alan was able to facilitate the process in a way that positively impacted all of us.

  – Rebecca Santos 

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