The teens years can be tumultuous. Coaching provides an environment to sort through challenges, identify values, and create concrete plans to move forward. Teen Life Coaching is specialized, and frankly not many coaches have confidence in this area.


Teen Life Coaching is beneficial for anyone who is:

  • Finding it hard to set goals and follow through

  • Considering a gap year

  • Lacking a sense of purpose or direction

  • In the process of finding a job or entering a new career

  • Feeling high levels of stress

  • Experiencing social challenges at school and beyond

  • Struggling with academic performance

  • Confused about what the future holds

  • In need of a mentor

  • Looking for help in raising their level of self-esteem

  • Acting out defiantly and getting in trouble

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“It is extremely rare to come across someone who isn’t patronizing and doesn’t treat me like a lesser person because I’m a teenager.

Alan’s unbiased views and support have helped me be open and vulnerable in the life coach setting, which allows me to actually make progress.

He takes my thoughts, feelings, and issues seriously, unlike many other adults. I’ve changed so much in the past year, and I am proud of the person I’ve become with Alan’s guidance and support.

Katie S. (high school Sophomore)

An open letter to Teens & Young Adults considering coaching:

It seems that everywhere you turn there is judgment, even from yourself at times. You don’t need more of that. You need someone to treat your dreams, fears, and ideas, with respect.

The bulls**t detector that people half-joke about, is a very real skill you possess. If you’re being talked “at”, patronized, or being fed the same line for the thousandth time, you check out quickly. As you should, and as do I.

I’ve heard it said many times that you are the toughest age group to work with, but that doesn’t ring true for me. I respect how you don’t always blindly accept everything, that you challenge ideas, and that you have a strong spirit. 

I often say to friends that there are hundreds of things in life that I’m no good at, but talking with, connecting with, and supporting teens and young adults has always come naturally. Maybe it’s because I learn as much from you as you hopefully do from me.