College Consulting

Taking the step toward college is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and confusing. College Consulting can take some of that pressure off by help:

  • Decide which colleges to consider and form a list.

  • Unravel the application process and Common App.

  • Prepare for the SAT.

  • Schedule campus visits.

  • Write the college essay.

  • Keep up with the deadlines and stay organized.

This can be a daunting process, and I support you through it all.

Free Consultation & Assessment

Comprehensive College Preparation

College consulting covers everything from beginning to think about college, right through receiving your acceptance letter!

Ideally, this process begins during the student’s junior year but can be adjusted for each student’s needs. This comprehensive process includes:

Initial Consultation:  I meet with your family to discuss where the student is presently, and what their goals are. From here, we can create a timeline that makes sense.

Evaluating grades and the SAT:  Assessing a students GPA is the first step toward getting an idea of what colleges will be reasonable to consider. If the SAT has been taken, we use the score as our baseline. If not, the student is encouraged to take the first available test to establish one. This enables us to formulate scoring goals and an SAT prep plan.

Researching and forming list of colleges:  The choices can be staggering, so we begin narrowing things down by academic interest, geography, grades, and other criteria important to the student and family.

SAT preparation:  Using our baseline to establish where the student is, as well as what their score goals are, we begin prepping to help raise the score.

College Application and Essay:  We complete the individual, as well as the Common Application, along with any supplemental materials for each college. We also work to fine tune the essay topic and assist with editing.

The entire process is covered, streamlined, and is one less thing that your family needs to worry about.

Junior Year

Getting ready to apply for colleges ideally begins during Junior year. There are so many aspects to consider, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to navigate the process.

Some of the things we discuss, create, and help with are:

Grades:  This is the single most important part of the academic resume. We work with students in picking courses, helping maintain a balance between CP, Honors, and AP.

Creating a general timeline:  Having a timeline that can be used as a touchstone is a great tool during this process. This helps make things less daunting and provides a clear guideline to work from.

Start SAT or ACT prep plan:  A good time to take the test for the first time is in the Spring of Junior year. Once the scores are in, we use that information to fine tune the plan moving forward.

College visits:  Visiting campuses can make the process all the more real for students, and helps to make the idea of college more than a concept.

College List:  Using GPA, test scores, majors offered, location, school size, and any other factors that are important to the student and family, we begin building an early list. We also discuss setting up visits and/or interviews at various campuses.

The college essay:  We brainstorm topics, and then support the student through various drafts, and the editing process. We are careful not to cross the line with this, as the essay is a reflection of the student, and needs to be their work.

Final SAT/ACT prep:  As the test is offered the first weekend in October, the Summer is a great time to do some final prep for it, and it’s also the only time it can be done without daily homework also hanging over a students head.

Senior Year

The home stretch is in sight, but there is still work to be done.

Fine tuning:  The college list is finalized, carefully making sure that the student has some schools that are a bit of a reach, some that are fairly safe bets, and others that are somewhere in between. Our students typically apply to between eight and twelve schools, many of which accept the Common Application.

SAT:  Students usually take the test for final time in October, and then the focus turns to completing applications.

Wrapping up:  We make sure that all deadlines are met, and materials are delivered to the colleges on time and completed.

Wait for the acceptance letters to arrive!!