Quick, name a job or occupation that is simultaneously rewarding and infuriating, empowering and debilitating, joyous and gut wrenching, incredible and painful, but also the most important one you will ever undertake? If you clicked on this tab, you already Multi-Tasking Wall Calendar Conceptknow the answer to that question.

Maybe you are:

– Having trouble communicating with your daughter or son

– Struggling to understand their actions, or even inaction

– Confronted with kids who constantly test limits

– Confused as to what consequences should be utilized

– At a loss as to how to get your kids to listen to you

– Sad about the erosion of your relationshipParenting

– Finding it difficult to set limits and enforce them.

Parent Coaching can:

– Help create better lines of communication between you and your kids.

– Be a place to explore what you, as a parent, are bringing to each interaction with you child, both the positive and negative

– Provide understanding about how kids think and experience things.

– Re-introduce curiosity into your relationship, and allow you to get reacquainted with your son or daughter, and them with you.

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